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There are many reasons that all youth should be involved in some sort of performing arts as a part of their education. Here are a few specific reasons to include it in your home-school programming.

 Althoughh private performing arts learning (i.e. piano lessons, voice lessons, acting lessons etc.) are a GREAT starting point for learning basic musical skills, they lack a very key cognitive process that is important for brain developent and for preparation for 'the real world'. That is to have the abilities to use those cross-hemisphere/brain cognitive processes in real-time interaction with others doing the same.

Learning to play a piano piece by oneself, where it is all up to you when all the notes are played, is vastly different than learning how to learn what seems to be a simpler musical part (i.e. just a single melody line) and needing to be able to play that part at exatly the same time as the person next to you (or possibly in an echo format back and forth with that person). When you take that to a full band or choir experience where you have to do that with many other musicians and you are doing it over many songs and styles, the cognitive benefits are expanded exponentially.

There really isn't any way to answer this in a 'general' manner. Each student is different and most students can 'grow into' whatever program they connect with early in their experience. However, as each student has their own personality, so do different groups. Some students excell in large-group instrumental settings, some do better in smaller groups. Our program is specifically designed to start students in larger-group experiences first and then help them try and find differnet opportunities as they mature.

We strongly recommend directly connnecting with us, usually in-person or via online meeting, to have a conversation about whereyour student would best fit in, based on personality, existing skills, as well as their other academic and personal schedules.

Our program is specifically designed to promote a Christ-Centered, Biblical world view throughout our entire program. All of our instructors/leaders are commited Christians that follow a traditional Biblical world view and are free (and encouraged) to share Biblical references and allusions during rehearsals and performances in ways that are natural. Directors may also pray during rehearsals and performances as is deemed appopriate. We also incorporate at least some 'church music' content throughout the year. (A short introduction of each leader's Christian/Religious background is included in their bios. These can be found by viewing our list of leades as well as directly on any program/group information page.

Our desire is not just to have students sit in a chair and play or sing, we want to give each student the opportuity to take on leadership roles within the various groups. This includes opportunities for both musical leadership as well as 'organizational' leadereship. The opportunities vary from group to group. We also focus on allowing them to learn through assisted 'trial and error'. Learning to lead is more quickly and effectively done when the student is able to take risks, and potentially have some minor failure, while guided/mentored by directors/leaders who can help them learn through those experiences. The atmosphere of the groups will always be maintained as supportive of students when they are learning to lead - without undue pressure or a critical atmostphere.

There are many research studies that go back many years that have shown how participating in any sort of performing arts programing helps develop not only right-brain (logical) development and left-brain (creative) development, it develops both of those at the same time - in ways that other academic disciplines do not do.