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From the concert hall to the street

Last week I had the fun to participate in our home school band's annual end-of-year picnic.

Each year this almost-day-long event gives the band members the opportunity see each other for one last extended time before everyone turns off their musical pursuits for 3 months of summer. It gives the band parents one last chance to chat with other band parents about what worked for their schooling this year and what they are planning for next school year. It also gets us finally outside of the building for a nice dose of fresh air.

This year I had several discussions with other parents (and directors) about the benefits of not taking the summer off - musically.

I remember seeing several studies that show how much students loose each summer by taking the time 'off'. And I know personally as a director how we can often spend a considerable amount of time getting back to where we left off, just due to having taken the summer off.

I also have had the experience of working with students over the summer via different musical groups. And I've seen how it can benefit the students by not only keeping their 'chops' in shape over the summer, but also having them learn new things that they often don't have time to do during the busy regular school season.

Over the past few years I've tried to get some summer things going but we've run into a number of problems. The primary focus for summers has been marching band.

This year I've been having some conversations that might make it easier for us to get that going. I have one more conversation planned this week to try to nail down some details - specifically related to marching, but possibly other summer opportunities.

I'll send some additional details in the next few days - so watch your email for that info.


IF you happen to be definitely interested in a summer marching opportunity, please add your name to our summer marching list and I'll keep you updated on those happenings.

Click here to get advance notice of Summer Marching options

If you would like to help us get some summer 'activities' going yet this year please reply and let me know where you would be willing to help.


Chris Paschen
Twin Cities Home School Performing Arts, LLC